DC TV Shows (Non-Arrowverse) Timelines (v2.0)

When would the soft events of V for Vendetta play out in the Gotham timeline?

Interesting how the ghoul in the black & white part in the trailer (I assume that's Purgatory) is doing the same soul sucking effect the ghouls in the Titans' show's Purgatory do to (to quote Hank/Hawk) "take them down to Hades". I guess Stargirl's Eclipso is essentially a high ranking version of that too, since the Shadowlands are essentially his section of Purgatory; all b&w as well.

So essentially you get punished more and go down another level in Hell for misbehavior or rule breaking.

EDIT: Later in the trailer you see the same Dead Boy even FALL into what looks like the River Styx (Hades) into the mauls of one of the angler fish looking "Watchers" from Doom Patrol. I'm 90% certain my theories regarding Hell's structure are correct now.

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