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Has anyone read Elephantmen?

It's one of those titles I'd been meaning to read for awhile, and picked up the first few trades (Vol 0-2) at Barnes & Noble a couple months back. I fell in love with it immediately and have been ordering the remaining volumes available since.

It's just pure joy. Part war story, part neo-noir detective story/police procedural, part pulp sci-fi, its like a Jim Henson movie and Blade Runner had a baby and named it Elephantmen.

The characters (especially the Elephantmen themselves) are fully realized and layered, and instantly likable. The world they live in is interesting, and the themes are varied and quite well written. The book has a bit of an anthology feel early on as it jumps from character to character a bit, but becomes much more serialized and linear by its second arc.

The series is ending soon (I think with issue #80 but could be wrong on which issue is final), but I definitely recommend it. Issue #59 was brilliant.

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