Is DC Superhero Girls set in the comics Multiverse or animated Multiverse?

It has been shown as an alternate Earth to Teen Titans Go! and as Earth 96 in the comics multiverse. That presents 4 possibilities:
1- The Animated Multiverse has a TTG! Earth and DCSHG Earths with the crossovers while the Comic Multiverse has a DCSHG Earth where the crossovers with TTG! didn't happen.
2-Some Earths are special and are in a place in the DC Megaverse where they are part of 2 different multiverses, like in a Venn diagram. That means that either one of the 2 Earths or both of them are part of that special group of Earths.
3-Maybe the animated multiverse has always been part of some comic multiverse.
4-The TTG! are fifth dimensional beings and can travel between all multiverses (I find this theory highly unlikely, but for some reason people are starting to believe in it)
It looks like the DC Superhero Girls series is set in an alternate reality separate from both the comics and animated multiverses. It's still part of the DC world, just in its own unique space outside the main canons.

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