Marvel Animated Universe (1990s) - Timelines

Aaaaand they don't explain how Cap escaped the time vortex.

I guess the headcanon that the Beyonder freed him is our best guess...
Weird to have Spider-Man mention the Avengers in the first episode of his show, unless it was unrecognizable from the standard line-up that early in the timeline.
I'll Say this, maybe they actually retconned everything, and now all the 90s series are in the same universe?
Okay I can say now with absolute certainty that this Cable's current future and where Bastion may have originated. (Between 2055 A.D. and 2999 A.D.)
@Pro Bot I guess if you wanted the other 90s shows to be in the same universe like the showrunner wanted, you'd have to make season 2 of Fantastic Four set in 2007 or 2008... T'Chaka was dead for 10 YEARS by then.

T'Chaka could have come back to life or Fantastic Four's Black Panther episodes are in the future. It's doable, I guess. Stupid though.

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