Marvel Cinematic Universe - Timeline (Part 3)

Same thing happened in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In the episode Cat and Mouse we can see a description of Trench's Ship, which is just the Wookieepedia Article of a Sith Dreadnaught, with the [1] and stuff, even a BBY year... So, apparently the Republic new when the Battle of Yavin would occur :p
That is so lazy and unprofessional, holy sh1t....
i've seen people argue that a lot of it contradicts legends pretty early on, but then again legends did take a pretty tiered approach to canon by medium (ie film>Animated>comics>games>prose). i know the only stuff Lucas kept up with was the show and the comics
for writing the plot they used the wiki. Basically since the Assassin's Creed universe become sooo big, they used the wiki for helping them writing the plot of the game. Basically Ubisoft doesn't have control over their own IP.

Even for the DLCs.

What I saying (and maybe I'm thinking this cos I'm very pessimist on the situation) is that if the MCU becomes sooo huge, Marvel Studios will start to abuse of the wiki, like Ubisoft does on a regulary basis.

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