Non-Arrowverse DC TV Show Timelines

Gotham Knights 1x01-1x04 episode titles (apparently)

Gotham Knights 1x01, "Pilot"
Gotham Knights 1x02, "Scene of the Crime"
Gotham Knights 1x03, "Under Pressure"
Gotham Knights 1x04, "Of Butchers and Betrayals"
IMDb literally has them all listed minus the season finale lol.

Also, S&L s3 is now 13 episodes instead of 15.

What a strange, non-affirming response, lol. Doesn't mean much of anything, but I thought it was a little interesting.

It would be cool if GK will be the bridging point between Gotham's continuity and the Arrowverse. We'll see.

I still think Bruce survives somehow and this is also a stealth Batwoman prequel.
Gonna add Gotham Knights to the Pennyworth/Gotham timeline for now. But if anything changes, I'll adjust it to its own timeline.
Adjusted Pennyworth's timeline once more, due to a couple scenes that took place at night in the middle of 1x09: Thomas coming home to see Martha at her apartment and Harwood looking into a fireplace in a dark room. Both clearly at dusk to night.

That adds another day, thus the years and days have to be adjusted if Alfie's "Thursday" line in the season one finale means anything...
I guess the fact Gotham is designed to be the same connects them for now, so yeah. We'll have to see if it fits into canon when it comes out, but hopefully.
The main difference is the different Wayne Tower, but that could just be chalked up to they heavily redesigned it since 2002 for some reason.
I'm starting to think Selina's potential biological father might be Joe Chill, not just because of the red hair:
(Also, Patrick "Matches" Malone practically wanted to die and telegraphed it to Bruce and the audience; he didn't know a damn thing about the Waynes being in the alley that night until Bruce pulled a gun on him. My guess, he didn't want to kill anymore, and called up his other contractor, Maria Kyle, she got Joe Chill / "Cole Clemons" to do the job himself.)


"Who the hell was that?" - Selina Kyle
"That was my past coming back to haunt me..." - Maria Kyle

And according to some character descriptions for Turner Hayes, his biological parents are very recently dead.
1007 Mountain Drive is the same Wayne Manor address from Gotham.

Also, really upping the trailer quality after that lackluster first one a year ago.

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