Non-Arrowverse DC TV Show Timelines

Here's a few more episodes of Human Target added.
I'm gonna try to finish up the last 4 this weekend.

Human Target
2x04, "The Return of Baptiste" (0:00:00 - 0:04:25)
Human Target 2x04, "The Return of Baptiste" (0:04:46 - 0:05:11)
Human Target 2x04, "The Return of Baptiste" (0:05:28 - 0:05:30)
Human Target 2x04, "The Return of Baptiste" (0:04:25 - 0:04:46)
Human Target 2x04, "The Return of Baptiste" (0:05:11 - 0:05:28)
Human Target 2x04, "The Return of Baptiste" (0:05:30 - 0:44:01)
Human Target 2x05, "Dead Head"

December 15
Human Target
2x06, "The Other Side of the Mall" (0:00:00 - 0:01:39)

December 16
Human Target
2x06, "The Other Side of the Mall" (0:01:39 - 0:05:09)

December 17
Human Target
2x06, "The Other Side of the Mall" (0:05:09 - 0:25:31)

December 18
Human Target
2x06, "The Other Side of the Mall" (0:25:31 - 0:42:34)

Human Target
2x07, "A Problem Like Maria (Part 1)" (0:00:00 - 0:42:54)
Human Target 2x08, "Communication Breakdown (Part 2)" (0:00:00 - 0:00:57)
Human Target 2x07, "A Problem Like Maria (Part 1)" (0:42:54 - 0:44:01)
Human Target 2x08, "Communication Breakdown (Part 2)" (0:00:57 - 0:39:40)
Human Target 2x09, "Imbroglio" (0:00:14 - 0:00:20)
Human Target 2x08, "Communication Breakdown (Part 2)" (0:39:40 - 0:41:48)
Human Target 2x09, "Imbroglio" (0:00:24 - 0:00:41)

Human Target
2x09, "Imbroglio" (0:07:37 - 0:07:54)
Human Target 2x09, "Imbroglio" (0:00:00 - 0:00:14)
Human Target 2x09, "Imbroglio" (0:00:20 - 0:00:24)
Human Target 2x09, "Imbroglio" (0:00:41 - 0:07:37)
Human Target 2x09, "Imbroglio" (0:07:54 - 0:43:18)

2x10 & 2x11 take place in March.
2x12 takes place from April 4th to April 6th.
2x13 takes place later in April.

Taking into account I already have that info, I'll just have to go through and add the timestamps this weekend.

EDIT: An inconsistency for those watching. Ilsa states she was attacked a couple days ago yet her sister states the last time she saw her was at her husband's funeral a year ago which we know was in March. So it had to have been more than a month ago she was attacked. Not a couple days ago.
I don't know how you guys do these timelines lol
There's actually a lot to take into consideration.
Adding this now.
Adding this now.

There's a 6-issue tie-in comic too which I'll read through. :)
I gotta wonder if Gotham Knights is presenting itself as alternate timeline to the show Gotham (maybe the same alternate timeline as Superman & Lois where only the OG Earth-Prime heroes existed but Green Arrow and all subsequent heroes never did).

Thought about the differences: 1.) Bruce's parents die when he's 8 instead of 12 or 14. 2.) Joe Chill ("Cole Clemons"?) is caught immediately but isn't the one who pulled the trigger this early on in his criminal career. 3.) Bruce didn't know about the Court of Owls until his assassination nor does he go through the same training that he had in Gotham (the TV series).

In order for a divergence to some point around 1981 - Ra's (Al-Fatih?) and his circle of League of Shadows members are out of the picture, somehow, for unknown reasons. No one is keeping check on the Court and so they go ahead with ordering a hit on Thomas and Martha Wayne 4-6 years early. Long before Jim Gordon begins his GCPD career, thus none of Gotham's events transpired in a way where Bruce learns about the Court or who killed his parents. This sequence of events following that not only completely change Bruce's origin, but the fate of the Court. Hugo Strange is allowed to continue his experiments uninterrupted; including Bruce Clone's full transformation into Lincoln March.

Also B.D. Wong has expressed interest in returning as Hugo Strange in live-action a lot recently, and liked my idea via Instagram of him reprising the role in Gotham Knights. Not much to go off of, but we'll see if they can afford him if that were the case.

I've been wrong before and I'm prepared for any more contradictions that could come up at some point that challenge this theory/headcanon...

@Pro Bot
I like the idea of Superman & Lois/Gotham Knights being an alternate timeline to Earth-Prime.
They wouldn't have made that S&L issue under the "Earth-Prime" titled tie-in comics, nor would they have mentioned Brainiac in a latter issue (#6) if they hadn't have something planned as a compromise for another unfinished storyline.

Also...the random portal that brought a version of Brainiac 5 and his bottled Earth out of Crisis, alluded to in Supergirl's Bottle Episode, lines up with how John Henry Irons got to this alternate Earth-Prime - RANDOM unexplained portal to post-Crisis. Perhaps that was the same Earth he was from, and how a lot of these doppelgängers like Beth Kane and Toyman Jr ended up on the main Earth-Prime...Krypton was cancelled in mid-2019, months and months before all this transpired and before plans during S&L's development stage changed. I still think they used the opportunity to set up their 'compromise' storyline after a show that was too ambitious to leave on an ending that unresolved.

Why do you think I keep making the comparison to the Convergence storyline? Brainiac did pretty much the same thing with pre-Crisis Earths - collected them before they were destroyed as part of a grand scheme to kill Superman without disrupting the time stream.
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I think DC does have some lore management when it comes to ideas/stories that aren't fully fleshed out onscreen. It's just up to the writers to incorporate them in a way that makes it understandable for new viewers.
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Hmmm. I dunno if this Darkseid being connected to DC's live-action version of Hell works or not.
He mainly exists as an opposite to New Genesis so I guess it depends how they will adapt it in the future.
Wait, Harley Quinn's voice from the animated Harley Quinn TV Show, was shown in a multiversal montage in Titans? (I have discovered it reading it in the, that I didn't know existed) Then I think it is safe to put it in the Live Action Multiverse even if it is animated. I don't watch Titans so I tough that it was just a TV screen showing Harley Quinn and Pro Bot just wanted to add Harley Quinn because of some weird Comics Multiverse logic of Earths being presented as fiction being real or something, but if it is presented in an scene showing the multiverse, then yes, why not?
Hmmm. I dunno if this Darkseid being connected to DC's live-action version of Hell works or not.
He mainly exists as an opposite to New Genesis so I guess it depends how they will adapt it in the future.
Oh, I was posting them as separate things not related.
Harley Quinn is shown amongst other voices in the multiverse. I consider it to be part of the Live-Action Multiverse too, to be honest.
I hate that idea tbh and just consider it an in-universe TV show the same way Blue Beetle is just a fictional video game character on Earth-Prime.
Can someone explain why this Wiki lists the following as set in the Multiverse, are there connection?
  • Gotham, Pennyworth
  • Krypton
  • Fury of the Dragon
  • The Flash I-III
Gotham and Krypton are based on their intended crossover in Crisis on Infinite Earths that never happened.

Fury of the Dragon has BTS of The Green Hornet (I think?).

The Flash I-III are movie versions of episodes of The Flash.

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