Non-Arrowverse DC TV Show Timelines

Another Gotham/Arrowverse headcanon: Bruce owned multiple Wayne Towers in various timelines on the same(?) Earth.

Wayne Plaza (Gotham):

"Wayne Tower" (Batwoman):


Wayne Tower (Gotham finale):

Unspecified 2nd "Wayne Tower" (Batwoman pilot):
Oi, is Gotham Knights part of the Arrowverse/DC(E)U Multiverse? Like, is there any connection like with Sandman and others?
Doom Patrol 4x06, "Hope Patrol" (0:00:00 - 0:05:24) [Earth-21]
Doom Patrol 4x06, "Hope Patrol" (0:05:25 - 0:06:31) [The Underground]
Doom Patrol 4x06, "Hope Patrol" (0:06:32 - 0:09:01) [Earth-21]
Doom Patrol 4x06, "Hope Patrol" (0:09:02 - 0:12:44) [Orqwith]
Doom Patrol 4x06, "Hope Patrol" (0:09:02 - 0:25:06) [Earth-21]
Doom Patrol 4x06, "Hope Patrol" (0:25:07 - 0:25:58) [Orqwith]
Doom Patrol 4x06, "Hope Patrol" (0:25:59 - 0:27:38) [Earth-21]
0:09:02 is listed twice
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Comment section seemingly supports Gaiman's claims.
That and it seems to be adjacently a origin story, with them meeting Crystal.

Again, treating the Doom Patrol appearances as adjacent history for these three: so it's probably set in Winter 2020 - because of it snowing in the trailer.

I know the actors don't look much alike, especially Crystal's, but I think that implies some timeline or Crisis changes occurred to those shows.

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