Non-Arrowverse DC TV Show Timelines

I think y'all need to keep in mind I was raised under different circumstances when it comes to making talking points.

Yes, I'm harsh and blunt about it but I try to not let it get personal unless the my intentions are misjudged continuously. I've had this conversation way too many times in all my years discussing comic book media on the Internet. I'm not here to stir up anything, I brought a curious question and I think it just got assumed to be a generalized, malicious statement. No, I word things in a way that is honest and where I try to understand the situation 100%.

Don't let this upset you because eventually it will upset me. I'm not angry at you, but I do get stressed out from the situation.
Read between the lines. If I hated your opinion, I wouldn't use fancy wording to say that.
WAIT WAIT! You read comic books?
@JudgeDreddpool Usually when you frown-react I sense some disagreement like my takes on The Flash or Aquaman 2 movies.

Do you greatly dislike Batwoman and GK by chance or is it just a "Oh dang, that sucks you went through that" reaction?
Second one. And obviously, I have no hard feelings towards you lot. I mean, y'all do great work with the timelines. I just find most of the shows/movies to not be my cuppa tea (haven't watched anything from the Arrowverse outside of maybe first season of Legends of Tomorrow because of that one guy from Doctor Who (the one who played Rory during the Eleventh Doctor's run) being in it, and the trailer for GK was something of a turn-off for me compared to Gotham).

Besides, if anything, you lot are chill to interact with, compared to other sites like Twitter or Reddit, the latter being where I had some people attack me over my opinion that The Last of Us II, despite looking nice and having a ton of good settings to help people with disabilities, has a story that is inferior to others that did the same kind of message ("Violence bad"), but better (IE: Spec Ops: The Line or Hotline Miami).
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