Sony's Spider-Man Universe - Timeline

Well, we are just discussing it. It's not like he's just some random low subscriber YouTuber making things up. Could be true, could be false, but it doesn't really matter either way right now.
- I believe at one point an ID of some sort shows that Cassie was born on "06-23-1973," and a letter earlier in the film also suggests that her mother, who's described as having spent around a month searching for the spider, was in the Amazon on May 21, 1973. At one point in the movie, Cassie is described as being in her early 30s, meaning this should be after June 23, 2003.
Do you remember when that ID was shown? The Sony wiki places it on May 26th, 1973. No reference notes though, just a link to the movie's page.

I can try skimming through the movie if needed.
The symbiotes and Ejiofor hunting them seem to match, but there's been plenty of times where leaks get certain elements right while still overall being wrong. I just don't see anything in this trailer that even hints at Peter Parker being involved and if he was I don't see it as something Sony would hide.