What happened in Loki?


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Aug 3, 2022
Sorry for the bible that is about to appear but I do really have questions

Can someone explain me what really happened in Loki WITHOUT inserting any head canon explanation?
To my understanding without taking into account anything of the Marvel Multiverse or the comics this is what I think someone who has only seen MCU movies would see:
There use to be a multiverse where Kang discovered universal travel in the 31th century and after sharing it with other Kangs some of them started a war to conquer other universes. At the end one Kang found Alioth who has the power of erasing (? To me it looks more as if it just erodes things) things from existence (but not in a metaphysical way, the things erased existed to the point we're they were erased and everyone remembers them, it is just as if Alioth was just a walking incinerator) and Kang just deleted somehow the rest of the timelines and leaves only one where he manipulated events so that no other Kang was created in this timeline/universe. He created the TVA and bla, bla, bla... (What really changes by making up that the Time-Keepers created the TVA? Because if they see that he is "regular human" [Is he?] they would think that he has ulterior motives but a trio of alien-divinities don't have that?) Even then in a natural way people sometimes do things that are not supposed to do according to his plan, creating alternate timelines. (What is the nature of his single timeline? Are there still infinite universes and he is just rewinding them and manipulating them so that the timelines are virtually identical but they are still infinite identical timelines and what they call a divergent timeline is just a "non-conformist" to his plan universe or there is just one universe and spontaneously new ones spawn where people don't act according to his plan?).
Everyone is a variant in the TVA (because since they have already disobeyed him he just erases their timeline and has need of people in the TVA plus a human with no home universe so he just erases their mind and that's how people are enlisted? What is the first thing the TVA members remember?) and they job is to locate "variants" and erasing their interference (How do the blue thing that erases the timeline work? It rewinds time? It erases things like Alioth? It sends them to the Void? It sends the entire universe or just a ratio of effect? If it erases things or rewinds in a ratio how does that not have effects erasing people from the timeline or making places out of synch with others? If it is automatically why don't they drop the thing instead of sending agents and kidnaping people and risking getting killed? It must affect only an area, since if it did only "heal" a timeline then Sylvie dropping the blue thing in different points in the timeline wouldn't do anything. Supposedly if a timeline gets changed beyond the line in the monitor [I don't remember the name] it is irreversible and something would happen. When Sylvie does that nothing happens and everything is fine later). After they made Alioth sleep they discover a passage to the Citadel at the End of Time trough it (WTF?) and here they meet He Who Remains and he offers them his job (If they would have accepted what are they supposed to do? Nothing? I mean, the TVA does all the job and he has already "controlled" the timeline, so what is left to do if not erasing what he did?) and they refuse and kill him (he mentions that he made them arrive there and was all part of the plan, is that true or is he messing with them? If he is telling the truth that means that he is someone who has micromanaged every second of the universe but has leave to Loki and Sylvie the most important thing of all: Continue that or Unmake everything he has done, what would mean he has wasted his entire life) and that makes the timeline get free (How??? Is his heart connected to a mechanism that makes branching timelines imposible and if it stops the mechanism stops too or what? Aren't the TVA the ones stoping timelines from diverging even if they are disbanding now his dead won't change anything. Why killing him now would change anything that happen before?) and "our" Loki wakes up in a Kang controlled TVA (Why??? He was tossed into the portal BEFORE Sylvie killed Kang) and then the next series and movies insinuate that the entire marvel multiverse has been created because of that, meaning that Earth-616, Earth-1610, Earth-1610B, Earth-668B, etc are all branches of Earth-199999. And the events of Loki happen in the new Earth-199999 that is identical to the previous one but exist in a multiverse but somehow Loki happens again but the TVA is wrong and believes that there is only one timeline (and their screen monitors are wrong, He Who Remains is wrong, etc) and regular Kang who now exists meet Jeannette in the Quantum Realm but she never mentioned before (but in the previous timeline/iteration she didn't mention that because she really did not meet Kang). Do I miss something? (Oh yeah, how is that the time travel in Endgame doesn't generate branches or if it does He Who Remains is OK with it? Does he erase them after they have accomplished their function? It is funny because the main conflict of the series starts because of our Loki is from there so, they could have not talk about it but they have to remains us that Endgame time travel happened. Maybe that Endgame time travel is OK because the Avengers were supposed to leave the timeline how they found it but the divergence was that Loki grabbed the Tesseract from the ground?)

According to Loki
1-Multiverse from where He Who Remains used to be
2-Single Timeline/Universe
3-Marvel Multiverse
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"So, there’s the branches, right, which is like the alternative reality. But then something, you’ll see it, it’s very subtle but in the very last shot where you see the multiverse, there’s like basically other bigger physical timeline branches. So, it’s almost like these different separate trees that are now connecting."

"It’s almost like a bridge. If you imagine the branch, it is like another reality. But if the branch extends beyond a certain point, it will then connect to other physical timelines. […] That last shot we did, there are other like thicker [branches] that are meant to be like our timeline. And there are other timelines like that and the branches are the connectors basically."

He Who Remains specifically used the word "isolate". He did not delete the multiverse, he isolated Earth-199999 from it and prevented any branches from being created in order to prevent it from creating more Kang variants and connecting to the Marvel Multiverse once again. The director of Loki very much implies that the branches connected to pre-existing "trees".

Spider-Verse shows us a good example of this, where we see the MCU's multiversal tree, then it extends and we see the Web of Life and Destiny connecting the multiverse. Two different multiversal models that co-exist with one another.

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