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Psych S1 E1: "Pilot"
Psych S7 E5: "Psych 100" - Flashback
Psych S1 E2: "Spelling Bee"
Psych S1 E3: "Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece"
Psych S1 E4: "Woman Seeking Dead Husband: Smokers Okay, No Pets"
Psych S1 E5: "9 Lives"
Psych S1 E6: "Weekend Warriors"
Psych S1 E7: "Who Ya Gonna Call?"
Psych S1 E8: "Shawn vs. the Red Phantom"
Psych S1 E9: "Forget Me Not"
Psych S1 E10: "From the Earth to Starbucks"
Psych S1 S11: "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me, Oops, He's Dead"
Psych S1 E12: "Cloudy... With a Chance of Murder"
Psych S1 E13:"Game, Set... Muuurder?"
Psych S1 E14: "Poker? I Barely Know Her"
Psych S1 E15: "Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast"

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