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    Phoneman Call 4 Justice motion comic animation

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    Grant Morrison Leaving Action Comics After #16, Batman Inc after #12 Also, Chris Burnham said today that Batman Inc. #3 is delayed until next month because of a scene that was deemed to controversial after the Aurora, CO shootings.
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    Superman out of Action?!

    I was going to post this in the Action Comics/Superman thread, but I figured seeing as how it doesn't relate to the current comics and also, because it's such a big deal, it deserves its own thread. Oddly enough, I'm not as crazy-angry as I would usually be about something like this. This...
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    Superman: Last Son discussion [spoilers]

    I just read Superman: Last Son and thought it was pretty good. It was the first story I have ever read with General Zod. Basically, a ship crash lands in Metropolis carrying a young boy. it is soon determined that he is Kryptonian. Clark and Lois adopt him to keep him safe and name him...