Superman out of Action?!


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Apr 30, 2007
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I was going to post this in the Action Comics/Superman thread, but I figured seeing as how it doesn't relate to the current comics and also, because it's such a big deal, it deserves its own thread.

From The Superman Homepage:

Dan DiDio participated in an interview over at the LA Times website, where he dropped this bombshell in regards to the future of Superman comics... especially "Action Comics"...

DD: [W]e're going to be making changes in Superman's world as well. Superman has been the star of "Action Comics" for its entire run, essentially, and he will be leaving it and handing it over to new characters. The only time he hasn't appeared in the book, I believe, was after "The Death of Superman," in those years. So this is a lot of fun for us. I think that's going to get people excited and scratching their heads and wondering what's going on. In his own book, "Superman," there will be a dramatic turn as the hero leaves Earth and it seems like he's leaving for good. We'll follow his adventures in space more so than his adventures on Earth, and that's a big and exciting thing. We're also bringing back one of the old-time favorite titles of DC Comics, "Adventure Comics." It will be back with a new No. 1 and with new stars but old stars at the same time. It'll be pretty easy to guess who will be the stars of "Adventure Comics" if you know who the title was most identified with...

GB: Well, which era? Sandman, the Spectre, Dial H for Hero, Superboy...

DD: [Laughing] And who did Superboy appear with?

GB: Ah. The Legion of Super-Heroes.

DD: So this is a lot of fun for us. "Action," "Adventure," and "Superman," these are some of our premiere titles, some of the titles with the longest history. To affect a real level of change on these titles is exciting for us. It makes our oldest and most enduring titles fresh again.

Oddly enough, I'm not as crazy-angry as I would usually be about something like this. This isn't the first time they took Superman out of Action Comics; they did it back in the eighties when the title went weekly and it had all kinds of different people in it. Then they realised that it was a retarded idea and that they needed to bring Superman back. That will inevitably happen here, also.

The thing that annoys me however, is that apparently they're restarting the numbering. That's flat-out retarded, when (as a poster on SH pointed out) they should at least be aiming to hit 1000 issues before they do that.
Where does it say Action Comics is renumbering? It only says Adventure Comics gets a new # 1.
Where does it say Action Comics is renumbering? It only says Adventure Comics gets a new # 1.


I just hope the creative teams stays the same. What happens to the next few years of Superman comics if Robinson does leave? Will Johns really attempt to write all of them himself?

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