1. moonmaster

    Ridley Scott's Prometheus

    Has anyone else been following this? It's shaping up to be my most anticipated non-Batman film of next year. It began as Ridley Scott's Alien prequel but then it turned into something new...maybe. It's all quite confusing. My understanding at the moment is that it's set in the same universe...
  2. SSJmole

    Aliens vs Predator

    New Aliens vs Predator game. Teaser
  3. ultimatedjf

    Monsters vs. Aliens

    DreamWorks Animation's first only-in-3-D (meaning with the glasses) movie, starring Seth Rogen as the giant Blob in the picture (see link below) and none other than Stephen T. Colbert as the President of the United States. The Lowdown. I am predicting that this will be better than both the...