1. T

    Has Marvel given up on Animated DTVs?

    Has Marvel given up on Animated DTVs? We haven't heard any news on Marvel's animated DTVs since the Thor animated movie came out last spring, meanwhile DC has 3 more animated DTVs in the works.
  2. Captain Canuck

    Thor: Tales of Asgard

    Marvel Studios/Lionsgate Home Entertainment's next release It will be released in 2011, probably around the same time 'Thor' is in theatres. "Choose your weapon, wench!"
  3. Random

    Internet Cartoons

    This is a topic for discussion of kick *** animated cartoons on the internet. Some of my favorite series are: College University Tomarrow's Nobodies Waterman Apartment 51 I am officially in love with the Waterman show, it was always funny but he is now making a 90 minute movies...