1. P

    Phoneman Call 4 Justice motion comic animation

  2. Jaggyd


    I have to say, I'm really blown away by this trailer.
  3. Ice

    Thor cartoon series (for 2010).

    CBR: According to the Hollywood Reporter, Marvel Animation is developing and self-producing a 26 half-hour episode series based on the Thunder God, which will follow on the heels of the Kenneth Branagh-directed feature film slated for 2010.
  4. Random

    Internet Cartoons

    This is a topic for discussion of kick *** animated cartoons on the internet. Some of my favorite series are: College University Tomarrow's Nobodies Waterman Apartment 51 I am officially in love with the Waterman show, it was always funny but he is now making a 90 minute movies...
  5. Victor Von Doom

    Disney Awesomitity

    Seriously-----Disney is still awesome!!! I was trapped in Biloxi the last 2 weeks and about 95% of the gulfcoast is still in ruins. So there was nothing to do but stay in the room and watch DVDs (one can only take so much MTV's Yo Momma, Parental Control and Sweet 16) and play videogames...