1. Zombipanda

    Night of Owls crossover (spoilers)

    So, Batman #8 came out and with it, Doc's first backup story. Unfortunately, there's not much to say about it since it serves to set up the hook for the Bat-book crossovers, but it did the job well and was nicely written. Good use of pacing and all that. Just thought I'd mention it. I'll...
  2. ProjectX2

    Favourite Bat Family Incarnations?

    I thought this would be a neat poll. Basically, it's three polls in one. Vote for your favourite Batman, your favourite Robin and your favourite Batgirl. Bruce Wayne - Batman Jean-Paul Valley - former Azrael turned psychotic Batman Dick Grayson - former Robin then Nightwing and now Batman Dick...
  3. Ultimate Houde

    Batgirl series discussion (Spoilers!)

    Anyone read the new Batgirl? Like how it focuses on both Barbara and Spoiler.
  4. Dancanread

    Geoff Johns confirms All Star Batgirl

    Huh? From Newsarama; TORONTO 06: GEOFF JOHNS TALKS ALL STAR BATGIRL "Rumored for a little while now, it was finally officially annouced Sunday in Toronto: Geoff Johns and JG Jones will team next year to start off All Star Batgirl, starring Barbara Gordon."...
  5. thee great one

    Batgirl *Spoilers*

    Over the last few days, I've read all 73 issues of Batgirl. The whole series is just like one huge storyline made up of smaller ones. This was better than most Batman stories I've read. Cassandra was such an awesome character. The last arc with climax of the series. The death verison with...