billy tan

  1. E

    Ultimate Comics: Ultimates by Sam Humphries (spoilers)

    I started a new thread for this because I think #13 is the first Sam Humphries-only issue. The writing itself is not bad, and the art is ok if not a little too technical-looking, but the only thing I could think of the whole time I was reading it was how and why we got to this point in the UU...
  2. Ice

    Shadowland (spoilers!)

    Billy Tan to draw the event. The only thing that's known: "...he [Billy Tan] will be working on an event called “The Shadowland,” which Tan said will involve the street-level characters in the Marvel Universe. That event is scheduled for 2010." No writers have been revealed...
  3. McCheese

    Messiah CompleX Discussion (Spoilers)

    Fine I'll start the damn thread. Lazy bastards. Messiah CompleX kicked off today with chapter one written by Ed Brubaker. This is a thread to discuss all things Messiah CompleX. Yes the X is inappropriately capitolized. I checked. This crossover is supposed to change the X-books for the...