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Jan 25, 2006
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Fine I'll start the damn thread. Lazy bastards.

Messiah CompleX kicked off today with chapter one written by Ed Brubaker. This is a thread to discuss all things Messiah CompleX. Yes the X is inappropriately capitolized. I checked. This crossover is supposed to change the X-books for the foreseeable future. And if it's half as entertaining as the last event to change the X-books forever, House of M, it won't be entertaining at all. In fact it may be negative entertaining, if such a thing exists. But since this is the first post I'm forced to summarize and review this comic in the first ever...

McCheese's Weekly Messiah CompleX Review​

We start with the X-gang (a hodge-podge of X-men from Uncanny and Astonishing) heading towards a mystery town for a mysterious reason. Except anyone who's read anything about this event knows what the mystery object is. NEW MUTANT BABY! Eat that Scarlet Witch with your "No more mutants." and your one-piece swimsuit that you try to pass off as a superhero costume. Back on topic, Emma can't sense the town. Wolverine theorizes that there's a trap waiting for them. He actually provides a decent arguement for it. And I thought he was only capable of smelling stuff, cutting stuff, and drinking beer. I've been mislead. Damn you Whedon. Two digressions already. This is getting ugly. Anyway the town is on fire. The X-men switch to rescue mode. But wait, we have an special interruption from the actual story for an unnecessarily long set up for our current situation. 4 pages to say a new mutant was born and it was so powerful it fried Cerebra and gave Prof. X a nosebleed. Back in the actual story, Nightcrawler Bamfs a lot. Wolverine finds the corpse of Blockbuster (Marauder). They also find the bodies of a handful of Purifiers (Mutant hating religious zealots) and Prism (another Marauder). Emma reads the mind of a woman who is holding the smoldering corpse of her own daughter. Seems the Purifiers rolled into town first and started wasting everything that hasn't hit puberty in hopes of destroying the NEW MUTANT BABY. The Marauders show up next. Also looking for the NEW MUTANT BABY. Gambit speaks. Boo. But he doesn't say anything in his annoying accent. Yay. The Marauders and the Purifiers faced off in a hospital. Emma finishes reading the woman's mind and the X-men head that way now. They find that the Purifiers killed all the babies in the hospital's baby holding pen. All of them except one. DUN DUN DUNN. Everyone takes turns saying "Damn it." before deciding to call it a day so they can go home and sulk. Predator X, a mindless monster from the pages of New X-Men shows up too late for the new baby, but decides to eat the remains of the dead Marauders. The back up to this is called X-Men Datafiles. It's just Cyclops introducing all the big players in this crossover. Not really much to say. Kaare Andrews' Purifiers pic is awesome. Land's Things To Come pic is ugly.

The Breakdown
Meh. Set-up. Needed to be done, but we've known all this stuff was going to happen for months. Relatively well executed I suppose. The art is pretty good. Silvestri's Emma makes me feel dirty. In fact, all the women in this issue make me feel dirty. I wish the real world had this ratio of ridiculously hot women. All in all, a pretty good start.

this issue was intense all around, why wasn't the rest of Bru's UXM run like this?

there is so much going on in this story (Sinister, Exodus, Marauders, Acolytes, Purifiers, Reavers, Predator X, new baby) i really hope they didn't end up biting off more than they can chew
The scene with The Purifiers was pretty intense.
Yeah it was. Kind of wish I could have seen those two Marauders go down.
this issue was intense all around, why wasn't the rest of Bru's UXM run like this?

there is so much going on in this story (Sinister, Exodus, Marauders, Acolytes, Purifiers, Reavers, Predator X, new baby) i really hope they didn't end up biting off more than they can chew
13 issues should be more than enough time to pull all these threads together. If they can't then it's their own damn fault.
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It a was great start, I'd say. Not super great, but definetly something worth while.

The purifiers killing all the babies? Whoa. Talk about this getting real. This is gonna be one hell of an event for the X-Men.

Art was awesome. I love Silvestri on X-Men.

Xavier's in the Cerebra chamber looking up the few mutants in the world when a brand new mutant signature shows up and almost knocks Xavier out.

Yeah, I know and I recall hearing the Maurders found out from Sinister and Destiny's Diary, but how do the purifiers know
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Yeah, I know and I recall hearing the Maurders found out from Sinister and Destiny's Diary, but how do the purifiers know

the Purifier's were tracking Predator X, when Predator X changed it's target they followed it and were able to deduce what was happening based off on of Reverand Stryker's prophecies, they determined where it was because Pred-X travel's in a straight line so they could pretty easily figre out where it was going

new X-men helped clear this up a bit
Yeah, I know and I recall hearing the Maurders found out from Sinister and Destiny's Diary, but how do the purifiers know
At the end of yesterday's New X-men issue (which predates Messiah CompleX despite the fact that they came out on the same day) they were keeping tabs on Predator X as it headed to the mansion. Then it suddenly changed direction and they assumed it had something to do with a prophecy their old boss had and they mobolized. I thought they were going to follow it to the baby, but then they showed up hours before Predator X. So who the hell knows.
Well let's get back to it with another...

McCheese's Weekly Messiah Complex Review

Well Brubaker keeps hold of the reigns as the second chapter of Messiah CompleX brings us to Uncanny X-Men #492. Art chores are picked up by Billy Tan. News broadcasts talk about the disaster in Alaska. No mutant bodies were found, but they wouldn't be would they? What with Predator X having eaten them. Scott and Emma watch the broadcast. Emma reports that she called "them". She also says they won't be happy. He says good. Xavier shows up to get yelled at by Scott. Cyclops no likey controlly Professor. 3 pages pass. Elsewhere Wolverine, Angel, Nightcrawler, and Colossus take on some nobody Acolytes. Back at the mansion "them" show up. It's Madrox and Rictor. They aren't happy. Mostly because Emma used a mental suggestion to make them come to the mansion. Seems they still aren't on the best terms with the X-men and they don't appreciate being used by them. Fortunately for X-Factor Layla Miller decided to tag along. She knows something big is going down and she says she needs to be with Jamie for what's coming. Cyclops brings X-Factor up to speed. Then he tells them that he wants Rictor to infiltrate the Purifiers to figure out what they're up to. He also wants Jamie (and by extension Layla) to talk to Forge. Why he would need to bring in X-Factor, when he isn't on the best of terms with them, for this seemingly straightforward task isn't explained. Xavier *****es to Hank like a 12 year old girl whose been sent to her room without icecream about the way Scott treated him. Hank doesn't seem to care. He's more concerned about the weapons the Purifiers are using. He says they're familiar. We devote another whole page to Xavier moping about because Scott was mean to him. Alright this is ridiculous. We get it. He's upset that he's being left out. I DON'T CARE!!! Unless the Prof flips out and starts shooting up the school this was a complete waste page space. Back in the land where plot advancement happens Wolverine's team takes down the Acolytes and grills them for info on Exodus. Back at the mansion Scott tells Emma that Logan has a lead on Exodus and will try and follow him to the Marauders. Emma tells Scott to talk to the New X-Men. They need a pep talk. Last page is Predator X running across the Alaskan wilderness. He's still hungry for NEW MUTANT BABY!!!

The Breakdown
Brubaker did a lot better with the last issue. The X-Men look like a group of dysfunctional *******s. Emma unnecessarily manipulates X-Factor, Xavier is a whiney *****, and Cyclops is hormonal teenager yelling "You're not my real dad! You can't tell me what I can and can't do!" The X-Factor team play the role of straightman to this group of idiots. Considering how dysfunctional they normally are this is quite the role reversal. I'm still excited about this series, but this issue was just plain bad. This is unfortunate because Billy Tan drew some pretty pictures in this issue.

2.5/5 Tafts
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Be careful about tossing those Tafts around so freely...

A Taft is a terrible thing to waste.

(that being said, I'm generally quite excited about this whole thing)
I thought the issue was great myself.
I thought so, too. I liked the issue a lot and Tan has once again upped his art. He's great and I'm glad he's back.

Larroca has gown south with his art, which is a shame because he can be really great. And so it's a reliever to have Billy pencilling Uncanny again.

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