black widow

  1. Ice

    All-New Invaders (James Robinson/Steve Pugh) January 2014

    ROBINSON, PUGH INTRODUCE "ALL-NEW INVADERS" TO MARVEL NOW! Writer James Robinson and artist Steve Pugh will team up for "All-New Invaders," a series launching in January as part of the All-New Marvel NOW! initiative that will also cast a spotlight on such characters as the Inhumans, Black...
  2. Captain Canuck

    ScarJo in a solo Black Widow movie possibly (hopefully) sometime in the future...

    SHH: Discuss.
  3. thee great one

    Favorite Daredevil Bimbo

    Who's the favorite woman for Marvel's manhoe? I have to say I always wanted to see him and Elektra together.
  4. TheManWithoutFear

    Secret War (miniseries discussion/spoilers)

    I'm getting what's out so far on my next comic run. I noticed it today and asked my shop owner and I'm insanely intrigued by this. Does anyone else read it and how do they feel about it?