1. ShaggyMarco


    So, I spend LOTS of time listening to audiobooks on my commute...or whenever I drive anywhere, honestly. I wanted to start a thread so that we can share suggetsions of audiobooks that are particularly well done or even take the original print form of the book to a whole new level. -Anathem...
  2. ProjectX2

    Nanowrimo Anyone participating this year? I am. This is my first year of doing so. I probably won't succeed but it will be fun failing. Here I am. Befriend me!
  3. Langsta

    Bond Novels

    I haven't read any 007 novels, and I was wondering what you guys think are the best ones (including the ones not written by Ian Fleming). I.e., what are the most significant Bond novels?
  4. Ultimate Houde

    Recommend me some Books

    Basically, I'm running out of stuff to read. I tend to collect books, reread them several times, get bored, and get me a whole bunch of new books while letting the old ones go. So yeah, I need new books to read. Genres, and books I like, tend to lean towards the Fantastical, and the Science...
  5. Caduceus

    What Do you Read

    I know we all read comics but i was just wondering, what else do you people read? Magazines, books, Dead Sea Scrolls what? Personally, i tend to stick to the classics (excluding english romances which frustrate me) and sci-fi and Fantasy My favourite series is probably Robert Jordan's...