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Mar 30, 2006
So, I spend LOTS of time listening to audiobooks on my commute...or whenever I drive anywhere, honestly. I wanted to start a thread so that we can share suggetsions of audiobooks that are particularly well done or even take the original print form of the book to a whole new level.

-Anathem by Neal Stephenson- This is monastic intrigue/adventure/multiple worlds/kung-fu/alien invasion sci-fi at its finest. The addition of the "Mathic" music to the audiobook really makes the pseudo-monastic songs (expressing natural laws or mathematical proofs) that are mentioned in the book come to life.

-His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman- I ultimately kind of hate these books, but the audiobooks of this series are narrated by the author and all dialogue is spoken by a full cast of actors. It's very well done.

-Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan. These series have great readers that bring the characters to life. The Kane Chronicles uses alternating readers to represent the alternating viewpoints of the two main characters, Carter and Sadie.

What do you like to read/listen to?
I don't listen to many but I did listen to all of the Harry Potter books, the first Hunger Games book, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (which was better than the movie, seriously).

I have hundreds that I've downloaded but I listen to so much music and have so much to listen to that I never get the chance to listen to audiobooks.

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