clayton crain

  1. Captain Canuck

    Spider-Man Carnage Returns! EDIT: Also... Zeb Wells:
  2. Ice

    Necrosha (New Mutants/X-Force/Legacy) Crossover [Spoilers!!]

    Read the Chapter 1 one-shot. It was completely awesome! Full of epic moments, or at least, one hell of an epic cliffhanger! With the issue, it officially reveals that Selene is indeed older than Apocalypse, from what I understood. After a flashback of when she was born, it goes to present time...
  3. nigma

    Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears (discussion/spoilers)

    has anyone picked this up? this is a mini Written by GARTH ENNIS Pencils and Cover by CLAYTON CRAIN i will buy anything written by Ennis....even if its about two rats doing it....and i hate rats.
  4. Ice

    Ghost Rider mini-series (Discussion/Spoilers).

    Just finished reading the issue (picked it up yesterday). It was a good read. Story wise, it was not bad, but the art kicked *** three ways from Sunday. Clayton Crain's art is really something to marvel at (no pun intended). He's style is great, and he can really wow you with the craziness he...