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  1. E

    The Comic Board is now on Twitter and Facebook

    The Comic Board on Facebook: The Comic Board on Twitter: Join and Follow and Like and Retweet and whatnot...
  2. Ultimate Houde

    Grocer Man's Journey of Epic Epicnexus

    From the creator of Law & Order: UC, and UC:Stuck, comes the next parody of the board based on stories of fictional events. This time, it's going to be the story of Epic EPICNEXUS! In the first part of this journey, Grocer Man finds out that the bus he got on to go to Toronto ended up in...
  3. ProjectX2

    The Comic Board Rocks My Socks

    A couple of years ago, GMaster (:lol:) got a few people to record themselves saying "Hi I'm whoever and UC rocks my socks." It was a fun idea that didn't really take off because a total of five people managed to do it before GMaster vanished. So why not renew it? You record yourself saying...