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    Starlight (The Boys)

    Why is it that Starlight (The Boys character) can punch through bricks but criminals have to be hit several times to incapacitate them?
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    Interesting article by Greg Rucka on comic book movies

    Here is an interesting article by Greg Rucka regarding comic book movies:
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    The all purpose The Vault from Image Comics thread

    Didn't see any mention of The Vault so I thought I'd create a thread to share news, interviews and images. The Vault is in the June 2011 edition of Previews and it reunites Sam Sarkar and Garrie Gastonny from Caliber: First Canon of Justice. Diamond's PreviewsWorld did an interview with...
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    Best and worst changes in an movie adaptation of a comic book

    What are best and worst changes made in an movie adaption of a comic book? Some of the changes I like is taking some rather lame or one dimensional villains and giving them better motives or more of fleshed out personality. I greatly prefer movie Whiplash over comic book Whiplash and I like the...
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    Comic books that would make for a good live action TV show

    With the success of Walking Dead on AMC, what other comic books would make for good live action TV shows? I am beginning to think the Punisher would work better as a TV show rather then a movie, as long as it is on a channel like HBO.
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    Comic Book Writers and Artists Opinions on Comic Book Movies

    Hey what positive and negative opinions do comic book writers and artists have on comic book movies? Just for fun, put some quotes from writers and artists on comic book movies.
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    Best fight scenes in a comic book movie

    What is the best fight scene you have seen in a comic book movie? I think my favorite is Dr. Octopus vs. Spider-Man on top of a train in Spider-Man 2.