1. DMStories

    Damned Maranda--My original comic

    Hey everyone! I'm Jon! I have a new comic strip (and soon to be full comic) called Damned Maranda. It's a superhero/horror-fantasy/sci-fi comic that's sort of like Barbarella meets The Evil Dead. Feel free to drop by webtoons to check it out! Thanks...
  2. C

    Starlight (The Boys)

    Why is it that Starlight (The Boys character) can punch through bricks but criminals have to be hit several times to incapacitate them?
  3. P

    Phoneman Call 4 Justice motion comic animation

  4. compound


    This is the first page of a 4 page strip that I wrote and drew, back in 2004 for a local Free Comic Book Day compilation. The remaining pages contain one instance of graphic sexual content that wouldn't be appropriate for general viewing on the board. I'm linking to the pages, for you to...
  5. SSJmole

    Life of Mole

    decided to start doing a comic for my website that is like the old Garfield or peanuts comics but staring Me. Will do 1-2 a month but no more