1. G

    This time they've gone too far. Planet-Man, get your gun.

    I'm so overwhelmed with speechlessness right now. I'll be back later when I'm finished with my bottle of whiskey.
  2. SSJmole

    Beverly Hills 90210 spinoff! This is awesome! 90210 is back! kinda.
  3. Hellsbuttmonkey

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer

    There should be an appreciation thread for this TV masterpiece. And now there is. To kick things off, this Saturday is the 10th anniversary of the first episode of Buffy. This is cause for a party, and I shall be accepting this challenge with great gusto. Also gonna do a top ten marathon...
  4. Ice

    The new Spider-Man cartoon to air on the CW.

    Newsarama reports new Spider-Man cartoon to air on Kids WB! on the CW, coming in 2008.
  5. Ice

    Supernatural (Spoilers).

    This is a new show coming to the WB on Tuesdays, next month. The title of the show pretty much sums up the theme. I have already viewed the pilot in its entirety, and I must say, this is greatness in the making. You can view the trailer in either Windows Media Player, Quicktime, or Real One...
  6. TheManWithoutFear

    Smallville (spoilers)

    New Episodes started tonight... I'd love to watch Lost but I got to get my superman fix... Does anyone else watch the show? What did you think of tonight?