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Jul 24, 2004
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This is a new show coming to the WB on Tuesdays, next month. The title of the show pretty much sums up the theme. I have already viewed the pilot in its entirety, and I must say, this is greatness in the making.

You can view the trailer in either Windows Media Player, Quicktime, or Real One Player, here.

Also, a real good trailer can be found in this link here, but is only available in Real One Player.

So just a quick insight on the show:

It begins 20 years ago, with a mother putting her baby son to sleep, as she's with her older son, and her husband. As she then goes to sleep herself later on, she hears her baby crying through the baby monitor walkie talkie. As she goes to check on the baby, she sees a figure (all lights are off) believing it to be her husband, and he shushes her, letting her know everything is ok. As she's heading back to her room, she hears the TV on downstairs. When she checks, she sees her husband asleep infront of the TV. She screams and goes back to the baby's room, and than screams again. The husband quickly wakes up, yells his wife's name, and runs to the baby room. Everything is calm. He looks at the baby, and it smiles back at him. But than, blood drips on his hand. As he looks up, he screams to see his wife on the ceiling, dead, with blood all over her white gown, and she suddenly bursts into flames. The other son walks to the room, the father hands him his brother, and tells them to run outside without looking back. The fire quickly took the whole room aflame, and it looked like the father was taken, too. But he wasn't, as he took his boys soon after away from the house, as then it went on fire.

The show than continues in present time. From here on out, the show really kicks things into high gear. I recommend to everyone to check out when it begins next month. It'll be great.
This show looks pretty good I have seen just tid bits of previews on television and I must say from what I've seen of the two actors Jensen and Jared who are vetrans of the WB community I might add they are pretty good actors and Ice where did you see this pilot?
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I won't say "publicly" where I saw the pilot. It would be same as if I told where you can download comics. Via PM, that's a whole 'nother story. :wink:
I agree with Ice. I watched the pilot, and it's one of those shows that, like Angel and Smallville, will stand out from the typical WB drama mold.

I'm pleased to see that Jensen Ackles, who played the embarrasingly useless character Jason Teague on this last season of Smallville, has finally been given a respectable lead role, and his character Dean, along with the young brother Sam played by Jared Padalecki, make excellent protagonists. The dialouge and humor between the two characters is top-of-the-line.

The biggest conflict in the first episode was a self-contained storyline, but the first episode alone has already established a lot of exposition and unanswered questions, mostly tying into their missing father, who, along with them, hunts down supernatural forces and destoys them in an attempt to find the evil force that took the life of the family's mother 20 years ago. This certainly is a solidly good premise for a TV show, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they are going to progress this plot in the subsequent episodes.

The show's got humor, mystery, horror, suspense, action, eye candy, and plenty of other things that you fail to see in the majority of WB programming. But this one here's a winner.
In this Yahoo! TV Exclusive, watch the entire first episode of the new series 'Supernatural' before it airs on The WB. From the network that brought you 'Buffy,' 'Charmed' and 'Smallville,' brace yourself for a new kind of paranormal thriller.

Premieres Tuesday, September 13, at 9/8C on The WB.

i didn't get to see the whole thing, but what i did see looked cool
So I started reading this thread interested. I looked at the time it came on and wnet to go see on TV and it was on. I missed the 1st 20 minutes but what I saw was really good. I'll keep watching.
It was alright. And it might get better in future episodes. The ending was great though.
Anyone still watching this?

I just seen the season finale. Holy ****!

The ending was the most dramatic thing ever. I wanted to break my tv and cry.

This show is top notch. I love the music and the whole feel of it.
Wow. We sure update here very often. :wink:

Just read this from Lying in the Gutters:


Wildstorm are to publish a comic book adaptation of the "Supernatural" TV series, written by one of its exec producers, Peter Johnson. Series creator Eric Kripe and Senior Exec Producer Robert Singer are also involved in its production. Called "Supernatural Origins" and tells the story of how supporting-character-and-mysterious-father-of-the-two-leads, John Winchester, became a demon hunter.

Well, they couldn't have a comic book starring 'the boys' could they? Only leads to trouble.
This just started here, I think, but I wasn't interested and passed it. Was I wrong? Or was I incredibly right, like always?

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