1. Gamma Man

    Rain [Ultimate Spider-Man Story]

    Note: This is NOT the whole story, so please don't comment on how short it is. This isn't like my others. I intend on completing it. Please do not delete. (All Event taken place here are shortly after the Ultimate Clone Trilogy. Chapter 1 The rain. It always seems to be...
  2. Doublehex

    A Crossover of EPIC Proportions [Discussion]

    I have been planning for some time to start a story to show that crossover fictions can work. After all, western comicbooks have shown time and again that characters from both superhero and non-superhero works can compliment each other. So, I decided I was going to write a story that would...
  3. Seldes Katne

    Fanfic Solicitation Thread

    For authors and movie directors who have projects they plan to post on the boards. Give us the title, summary and expected date of publication (even if it's only something like "early Feburary"). Also, please only post one solicitation per story chapter/movie. I'd appreciate it if...
  4. Seldes Katne

    Fan Fic and Art Forum Rules of Behavior

    General Guidelines: Stories and author behavior here must follow the General Site Rules. Read them before posting anywhere on the site. (Yes, now, if you haven’t already. This list will still be here when you get back.) All members deserve to be treated with civility, whether you happen...
  5. Seldes Katne

    Fanfiction Story Index

    Index for the Ultimate Central Fanfiction Section (updated 3/6/08 ) As the Fanfiction section here at UC continues to grow, I thought it would be a good idea to start indexing the stories to make it easier to find things. I don’t know how long it will be before even this gets too...