flash animation

  1. Random

    Internet Cartoons

    This is a topic for discussion of kick *** animated cartoons on the internet. Some of my favorite series are: College University Tomarrow's Nobodies Waterman Apartment 51 I am officially in love with the Waterman show, it was always funny but he is now making a 90 minute movies...
  2. Random

    Ultimate Central: The Flash Cartoon

    That's right ladies and gentleman I will be working on and flash cartoon based on you guys. I've been meaning to do this for a while and of my 24 thing I decided to finally do it. I probably won't make the actual animated show for quite some time, I'm pretty busy, so for now I will just be...
  3. JonnyFreeze

    Art by Johnny Freeze

    new to the forums. ultimate central is awesome a truly great place for info and news on ultimate comics. anyways i thought i might share with you my site where i have posted up cartoons i have made. its over at: www.freezecartoons.tk but i will also include the links os u can just view the...