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  1. E

    Jupiter's Children by Mark Millar & Frank Quitely

    From CBR: Not sure what I think about this. On one hand, I really have no idea what I just read. And Mark Millar is one of the most polarizing writers in comics. On the other hand...Frank Quitely. Man, I loves me some Frank Quitely.
  2. DIrishB

    All Star Superman to be adapted for DC Animated Movie

    HERE. If its faithful to the books I'll love this movie forever.
  3. ProjectX2

    Batman and Robin (Morrison/various) discussion

    Batman and Robin #1 - hell yes. Great start. I especially loved the sound effects and the trailer at the end. Hopefully all the Batman books will be off to a good start.
  4. ProjectX2

    New X-Men Omnibus Amazing. :shock:
  5. E

    Morrison/Quitely: JLA: Earth 2

    Who has read this? Thoughts?
  6. M

    All-Star Superman Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    The first issue was released today. This is one of the most visually stunning comics I have ever seen. The colors are so incredibly brilliant. Frank Quitely is on top of his game, and his Clark Kent is something to behold. His Superman is also quite incredible. But its really the colors...
  7. Bass

    Newsrama Previews ALL-STAR SUPERMAN!

    I want this sooooooo bad. And **** YOU Ultimate Marvel! There's his origin in four panels and 8 words! (I know it isn't a fair comparison, but I just love the origin.) Plus, Lex rocks. And so does Quitely. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... it looks good. :drooling: