ghost rider

  1. Grocer Man

    Ghost Angel? Let the screaming, complaining and pointing of fingers begin!
  2. Gemini

    Ghost Rider series discussion (Spoilers!)

    Jason Aaron of Scalped fame will be taking over both Wolverine and Ghost Rider in February 2008 he will be doing a four issue stint with artist Ron Garney after Marc Guggenheim finishes his story, starting with issue #62 and he is going to be the ongoing writer on Ghost Rider with a plot...
  3. E

    Mythos (Paul Jenkins/Paolo Rivera)

    I picked up the Mythos: Spider-Man book today, went to post about it, and found out there is no Mythos thread...I could have sworn there was. I really enjoy these books...I wish they would spin a whole universe out of these titles. They are better than the Ultimate books, and I think they...
  4. ourchair

    Ghost Rider movie discussion (spoilers!)

    Because we Filipinos live 8-16 hours in the future, I was able to see Ghost Rider last night. It also seems that your Yanqui distributor-men fail to realize we don't have 'opening weekends' we have 'opening Wednesdays' putting us 2-3 days ahead of time. This allows us to sneak into the...
  5. nigma

    Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears (discussion/spoilers)

    has anyone picked this up? this is a mini Written by GARTH ENNIS Pencils and Cover by CLAYTON CRAIN i will buy anything written by Ennis....even if its about two rats doing it....and i hate rats.
  6. Ice

    Ghost Rider mini-series (Discussion/Spoilers).

    Just finished reading the issue (picked it up yesterday). It was a good read. Story wise, it was not bad, but the art kicked *** three ways from Sunday. Clayton Crain's art is really something to marvel at (no pun intended). He's style is great, and he can really wow you with the craziness he...