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    The Punisher by Greg Rucka (spoilers)

    I just read #12 and went to comment on it and couldn't find the thread. I thought we had one. Anyone else reading this? Thoughts? It's pretty good even though I like Punisher MAX better. A "tame" Punisher book just feels kind of wrong after reading the MAX version. Also, taking on a sidekick...
  2. Ice

    The Omega Effect

    " upcoming crossover between "Avenging Spider-Man," "Punisher" and "Daredevil" in April called "The Omega Effect.""
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    Interesting article by Greg Rucka on comic book movies

    Here is an interesting article by Greg Rucka regarding comic book movies:
  4. thee great one

    Detective Comics (Rucka/Williams III) *spoilers*

    New beginnings and titles should have new thread. The first issue of the Batwoman story was a sweet as I hoped. I love her costume design and Williams did not disappoint on the art. Such vibrant red, it's like HD comics. The Question backup was average. I didn't feel the arc but I don't...
  5. thee great one

    Gotham Central Series Discussion *Spoilers*

    I finally was able to give this a try. I bought the 3rd trade with the Joker Snipping story and the Mad Hatter/Bullock story. This is a fantastic series. What the hell were they thinking when they canceled. I thought the whole involved around Allen and Montoya. All the characters are great. I...