guardians of the galaxy

  1. Ice

    Secret Wars Discussion (Spoilers)

    Anyone read #1 yet? There are some things I'm curious about, like where Cyclops got the Phoenix egg and the Sentinels, since the X-books were all "months prior" to this (and the Avengers/New Avengers series) and none of that happened/got hinted/etc.
  2. Ice

    Guardians of the Galaxy (Animated series)

    First Look At The Guardians Of The Galaxy Cartoon From the other day’s look at Licensing Expo 2014, a look at the Guardians Of The Galaxy as-yet unannounced animation series.
  3. Ice

    Rocket Raccoon (Skottie Young) Spoilers

    SKOTTIE YOUNG BLASTS OFF WITH "ROCKET RACCOON" ONGOING Launching in July, just ahead of his big screen debut, "Rocket Raccoon" marks Young's first full time gig writing and illustrating a Marvel title, and in an interview with MTV, this is just the gig the acclaimed cartoonist has been...
  4. E

    Guardians of the Galaxy by Brian Michael Bendis (spoilers)

    It would be good to have a thread about this since it sounds like it is going to be a huge project. I just read the .1 issue and while it was not anything especially special, it was a good intro (and background on Starlord) and the end with Tony Stark was surprising, indicating that he is...
  5. E

    Marvel planning 'Guardians of the Galaxy' pic

    Via Variety:
  6. Gemini

    Guardians of the Galaxy series discussion (potential Conquest spoilers)

    well in May, we'll be getting a new cosmic ongoing spinning out from Annihilation Conquest, written by Dan Abnett, and Andy Lanning, with art by Paul Pelletier, and cover art by Clint Langley, interview located here: Cover to #1 I'm...