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    Guitar Hero compatibility question

    OK, I have Guitar Hero 3 and the guitar that came with it. What other games is it compatible with? I also have Guitar Hero Aerosmith so I know it works with that, but specifically I'm wondering about Rock Band, Rock Band 2, Rock Band Beatles, and I guess Guitar Hero 5.
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    The Beatles on Rock Band & Guitar Hero?!?!

    Oh yes. This from Wired (not exactly a tabloid):
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    Next up: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Last month EGM's Quartermann made a bold prediction about the future of the Guitar Hero franchise: four new Guitar Hero games in 2008. Today Activision announced the first of those four, and one which the Q-Man totally called: Guitar Hero...
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    Guitar Hero 3

    I'm trying to decide whether to get this on Wii or XBox 360. The Wii version is cheaper, but if I get the 360 version I can get Guitar Hero 2 and play that as well. Is 2 the only Guitar Hero game that has appeared on XBox? Have any plans to release any of the previous games on Wii (or...