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May 17, 2004

Last month EGM's Quartermann made a bold prediction about the future of the Guitar Hero franchise: four new Guitar Hero games in 2008. Today Activision announced the first of those four, and one which the Q-Man totally called: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith.

The new game, planned for a June 2008 release, will place virtual rockers into the shoes of Aerosmith guitarists Joe Perry and Brad Whitford and bassist Tom Hamilton. Sadly Steven Tyler and Joey Kramer will not take up the axes. The game will apparently put players on the same track as Aerosmith's career, going from small club shows all the way up to rock legends. So, basically, the same "story" as all the other Guitar Hero games, but with a more recognizable face on it.
I wonder if all 4 Guitar Hero games this year will be focused on individual groups.
GH is awesome, Aerosmith rocks

but you will be able to play some non-Aerosmith songs right?, cause that could get a little redundant

I hope they stick with classic bands for the last three, I hate newer rock (Gun's 'n Rose's is the last band i approve of), The Rolling Stone's would be epic, The Who would be awesome, and a personal suggestion now matter how easy their songs would be I'd love to play AC/DC

This should be great
Aerosmith AND U2. I might as well throw out my controllers if this is what the franchise will be reduced to.

Seriously, they didn't even have a Aerosmith song in GHIII, and U2 sucks!

I remember reading somewhere that Rock Band will eventually start making full albums available (I think Who's Next was up first) online, which is basically the same thing, only better because you make your own band.
Aerosmith AND U2. I might as well throw out my controllers if this is what the franchise will be reduced to.
I agree.

Thank God we get both Japanese AND American versions of the franchise distributed in the Philippines at the same price, so even if the American franchise goes down the toilet there's always the other.
note, you will be able to play song's that inpired Aerosmith's career, so it won't be only Aerosmith, it'll just be mostly Aerosmith
Unless there's a level in this game where you play through the conceivement of Liv Tyler, you couldn't give me this for free.
So you basically want a game that simulate's Steve Tyler's sex life?


I would like to be Paz Lenchantin's bass though.
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (PS3, 360)

Guitar Hero's back, this time with a little help from Steve Tyler and Areosmith.

In this game, you get a brand new Guitar, Drums, and a mic. It's pretty much rock band, except you get a "make your own song feature"

It's coming out in the summer, and it's going to be amazing.

(*note, I checked a few pages, and there didn't seem to have a thread for this, if there is, please delete or morph this in with it, thanks.)

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