1. E

    Curb Your Enthusiasm

    I just finished season 1 and I wish I hadn't waited this long to start it. It's one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. And by all accounts I haven't even really gotten to the really funny stuff yet. Larry David has just become one of my favorite TV characters ever. I love how, like Proj...
  2. Goodwill

    Entourage (spoilers!)

    Has anyone been following this? Funny stuff going on, as usual, and it's good that we're moving on from Medallin and things are a little bit more realistic for Vince in the biz... The one Ari episode, where he's competing with Davies, was hilarious. So far so good. Hasn't lost me yet, which...
  3. Victor Von Doom

    HBO discussion

    I am completely enamored with HBO and their shows. Despite the horrible ending to The Sopranos (biggest WTF moment on TV ever)....I am digging their other shows something fierce. Did I just say "something fierce"? :? Anyways...I'm totally onvolved with "John From Cincinatti" and...
  4. JonnyFreeze

    Preacher coming to HBO

    Preacher Series ok its been discussed on here before but i couldnt find a topic for it and this deijnitely deserves its own because if done right it will rock so hard Mark Steven Johnson (upcoming Ghost Rider, Daredevil) is writing the pilot, while Howard Deutch is attached to direct. Johnson...
  5. TheManWithoutFear

    Sopranos (Spoilers)

    The commercial for the new season just aired... I think I need to change my pants. ...that is all.