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Jun 16, 2004
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Has anyone been following this? Funny stuff going on, as usual, and it's good that we're moving on from Medallin and things are a little bit more realistic for Vince in the biz... The one Ari episode, where he's competing with Davies, was hilarious. So far so good. Hasn't lost me yet, which is tight. Entourage is a great show.
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I heard that this season opened to record low numbers. That said I mostly enjoyed what I saw last season, but I no longer have HBO so I doubt I'll ever get around to this season.
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Anyone else not really care about Vince and his boys anymore? I'd really like to see something based around Ari and Lloyd more. Things like the bit with him talking to Whalberg. The drama of Vince's Career just isn't doing it for me.
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Tonight's episode was probably my favorite.

Of all the seasons. :lol: I dunno, I just saw comedic genius in each moment... I wish it were longer. I wish this episode was longer anyway. Sometimes I think it's the perfect length... Anyway, Ari on shrooms. Awesome. Eric Roberts is the new Busey on the show.
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:lol: at the guy reviewing the show. I think it's definitely better. I like the drama, but you have to also appreciate all of the crazy things they all do together. They're a diverse group of guys that get into some classic stuff. Best show that HBO has in my opinion.

Shoot, the reviewer is an idiot for trashing on the show.
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A huge episode series-wise.

Ari was offered the Warner Bros. studio head position. This means he'll be able to give Vince Smoke Jumpers, but will not be his agent anymore. What I think they are setting up is that they're going to make E his agent.
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i love the way the show ended.

the temper tantrum wit Vince and turtles new love, damn shes hot.
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Yea, the two of them are dating in real life too.

And the show ending the way it did was great, I thought. It definitely sets up this coming season to be a real enjoyable one... Since Vince, with any luck, will be back in the limelight more hilarious antics will occur, I'm sure.
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i didn't know they were dating in real life.

but i'm hoping the show gets off to a great start, for the next season.

remember. alwayz use the buddy system when taking shrooms! :lol:
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The new season premiered last night... Did anyone else watch?

Lloyd's trying to get promoted, Vince learns to drive after landing a role in a movie about Enzo Ferrarri, and it looks like E's gonna get it on with Sloan again. All in all, great. The show is back at it's peak again.
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Does it have to? It's still funny, well-written, and does an awful good job at characterizing the lavish life.
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Does it have to? It's still funny, well-written, and does an awful good job at characterizing the lavish life.

Really? I enjoyed it for a bit, but I feel like it's just kind of repetitive and vacuous....

Billy Walsh was awesome, though.
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:D :D :D :D :D

That's great.

"Yo, Vince can't do the movie 'cuz his mom just got shot!"
"Hey guys! Great news! Francis just found a way to bring Vince's mom back from the dead!"
"Baby bro!"

The moral of the story: If you act like a douchebag and don't make any effort to succeed, you will always succeed!
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