1. Ultimate Houde

    Ice's intervention

    We need to have an intervention. I have noticed a disturbing trend. About six years ago, I got this random email from Ice. I thought it was an odd quirk, maybe a passing fad, but I continued to collect evidence. As I accepted people into my MSN Messenger account, I checked it one of the...
  2. Ice

    San Diego Comic Con 2010 Diary

    We begin with Day 0! And what do we have? Mike (Ultxon) dancing to Ke$ha's "Tik Tok":
  3. Ultimate Houde

    Venus Grand Hunt!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, have you ever been to Venus? Have you ever seen the rolling hills of the Gregursian Plains? You been to the River of Styxian? Ever gazed about the triple horned rhino, Kourgunite? NOW YOU CAN! Are you Adventurous? Have you ever shot a Harpoon from the deck of a Space...