james bond

  1. G

    Skyfall discussion

    Deadline have confirmed it. Bond 23 is happening in July 2012. Delighted about this. A guarantee that we'll get at least one more film out of Daniel Craig before he bows out. I hope they try to blend some more traditional elements into this new one. Play the theme tune throughout the movie...
  2. G

    All about James Bond 007 Discussion Thread

    Right, that's it. There needs to be a James Bond Discussion thread. I'm too tired to write anything worth discussing now, but I'll have something worth discussing, tomorrow. In the mean-time, I'll let you guys get the ball rolling with the obvious question: Which is your favourite Bond movie...
  3. Langsta

    Bond Novels

    I haven't read any 007 novels, and I was wondering what you guys think are the best ones (including the ones not written by Ian Fleming). I.e., what are the most significant Bond novels?
  4. Bass

    James Bond: Quantum of Solace (spoilers involved)

    According to that MSN news page when I sign into hotmail - the next James Bond, #22, is called "QUANTUM OF SOLACE". So I suppose, this place should be the thread for it.
  5. G

    The Next 007 Game: News/Rumours/Speculation

    First of all, here's another reason to like Daniel Craig. Everyone has at least one of the Bond games that have been released over the years. Some have been magically, golden, delicious games that have shown that franchise-games can be magnificent (GoldenEye), some sucked to the high heavens...