j.h. williams iii

  1. thee great one

    Detective Comics (Rucka/Williams III) *spoilers*

    New beginnings and titles should have new thread. The first issue of the Batwoman story was a sweet as I hoped. I love her costume design and Williams did not disappoint on the art. Such vibrant red, it's like HD comics. The Question backup was average. I didn't feel the arc but I don't...
  2. E

    What's going on with Batman & Detective Comics creative teams?

    Are Morrison/Kubert and Dini/Williams/whoever BOTh takings breaks from their books? How long? Has there been a reason? What's the story?
  3. ProjectX2

    JH Williams III To Draw Paul Dini's Detective Comics

    http://www.newsarama.com/dcnew/Batman/DetectiveComicsCv821_t.jpg From Newsarama: Back in January, when DC Executive Editor Dan Didio confirmed that Paul Dini would be the new writer on Detective Comics following James Robinson’s eight part Batman-Detective spanning arc, Rags Morales was...
  4. ProjectX2


    I picked up book 1 from my library and was impressed. It's like Wonder Woman, but cooler. It's written by Alan Moore, and J.H. Williams III, who if I'm not mistaken, does the art for Desolation Jones. I'm interested to read the further books, so does anyone have any information about them?
  5. ourchair

    Desolation Jones series discussion (spoilers)

    http://jawbreaker.ph/tusok/images/05-desolationjones.jpg It's Friday here in Manila right now, meaning the comics finally arrive, a whole day or so later than you people get it across the Pacific. Anyway, I'm totally psyched for Desolation Jones, Warren Ellis' new creator-owned series under the...
  6. Friday

    Seven Soldiers of Victory series discussion (spoilers)

    Seven Soldiers of Victory discussion Is anyone other than myself and Our Chair reading this? So far I've loved The Gaurdian and Zatanna, but I can't get Shining Knight for some reason. Morrison's done a good job so far of tying things together losely, without forcing it all together. News...