jonathan hickman

  1. Ice

    Secret Wars Discussion (Spoilers)

    Anyone read #1 yet? There are some things I'm curious about, like where Cyclops got the Phoenix egg and the Sentinels, since the X-books were all "months prior" to this (and the Avengers/New Avengers series) and none of that happened/got hinted/etc.
  2. Ice

    Avengers Infinity (Discussion/news)

    I guess we didn't have a thread for this yet? Thought there was... Anyways, Marvel released a couple days ago a movie-like poster for Infinity teasing the event. It'll be six parts, starting in August. Jonathan Hickman will be at the helm with Jim Cheung, Jerome Opena, and Dustin Weaver as...
  3. ultimatedjf

    Ultimate Comics: Ultimates by Jonathan Hickman (spoilers)

    CBR reports. Because he's Jonathan Hickman, he's already got the first five arcs planned out.
  4. Ice

    FF: Future Foundation (Hickman/Epting)

    More info tomorrow with the solicits...
  5. Dancanread

    Ultimate Thor!

    Bleeding Cool says we're getting an Ultimate Thor from Jonathan Hickman and Carlos Pacheco!! FORSOOTH! Hickman is the anti-Loeb.
  6. ProjectX2

    Jonathan Hickman's S.H.I.E.L.D. (Spoilers)

    They've been around since the dawn of do they impact the past, present and future of the Marvel Universe? Find out tonight, exclusively on G4TV at 7 p.m. Eastern on "Attack of The Show" and check out this brand new cover by Gerald Parel for clues!
  7. Ice

    Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman (#570-611) (spoilers)

    Interview with Eaglesham here. Looks like I'll be sticking with FF longer than I thought. I will give this team a try.
  8. Ice

    Secret Warriors (Discussion/Spoilers).

    CBR previews issue #1. Nick Fury has assembled the next generation of Marvel super heroes—the sons and daughters of super villains—to fight the new order that Dark Reign has brought to the Marvel Universe! Secret Warriors #1, written by award winning scribe Brian Michael Bendis & rising...
  9. E

    The Nightly News & other Jonathan Hickman books (please mark spoilers)

    Is anyone reading The Nightly News? It looks interesting at least, the style it's done in. I skimmed the first issue but didn't read it. Anyone?