kevin smith

  1. Langsta

    Batman: Cacophony

    This sounds interesting. I guess if it's a limited series (three issues) with the first issue shipping on the 12th, then Smith is already finished writing it, so it won't be plagued by delays like all of Smith's work on ongoing comic series .... Seriously, he makes a new film about every two or...
  2. Ice

    An Evening with Kevin Smith.

    Has anyone else seen this? I know TGO has. I wouldn't have known about this if it wasn't for him. This is more Kevin Smith Q&A shows he's done at colleges. There's a DVD for it. It's in 2 discs. The first one is over 2 hours long and the second like an hour and a half. Just read this...
  3. ourchair

    Daredevil: The Target

    Hey does anybody know what the status of this mini is? I'm under the impression that it is entirely cancelled, but I don't recall ever hearing an official announcement on Marvel's part. For those who don't remember this was supposed to be Kevin Smith's vanity series in which Daredevil and...
  4. T

    Spider-Man Kevin Smith posts the NEW cover to Spider-Man/Black Cat #4

    Kevin Smith posts the NEW cover to Spider-Man/Black Cat #4 cover could easily be made into a poster, and im liking the daredevil arc reference.