kurt busiek

  1. ProjectX2

    Wednesday Comics

    I talked about this in the DC Nation thread but I think this could be a big thing so I'm going to make a thread for it. DC’s Dan Didio announced the next weekly comic-book from DC at the ComicsPRO Annual Meeting. Called “Wednesday Comics,” this 12-week series will resemble an oversized comics...
  2. Friday

    Trinity Series Discussion *SPOILERS!*

    So did anyone else check this out? We had a decent first issue. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman meet up in Keystone city to discuss a dream that each of them had a variation of. The dream was slightly altered, or possibly just their perception of it, to fit their backgrounds. They meet up with...
  3. Planet-man


    I couldn't find a thread about this for some reason. I've been re-reading it over the past few nights and I'd forgotten how good it was. It's the perfect ode to Marvel's golden age(60s - 70s, with a great throw-back to their universe's origins with the Sub-Mariner and the original "Human...