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  1. Ice

    Marvel's The Defenders (News/Discussion)

    Teaser trailer!
  2. Ice

    Avengers The return of Mighty Avengers.

    Coming in September. But is it an ongoing or mini? No word yet on who's writing or doing the art. Current confirmed members: Luke Cage (Leader) Spider-Man Adam the Blue Marvel She-Hulk
  3. E

    Alias series discussion [Bendis/Gaydos] [spoilers]

    I'm going against protocol to start this thread because I have nothing to say abot this series quite yet, except that I've ordered the Alias Omnibus from Amazon because it was a great deal. Cover price is $70 but Amazon has it for 37% off (plus free shipping). Alias Omnibus List Price: $69.99...
  4. thee great one


    A complete set collecting all the issues of Bendis' Alias. It is around 60 bucks. Is it worth getting? I've never read it. The only place I've seen Jessica Jones is in the few issues of Pulse.
  5. TheManWithoutFear

    Luke Cage Movie News and Rumors

    I like Jaime Foxx. I do not see him as Cage. Original rumors that had 50 cent playing Cage actually held my interest. I'm not a fan of 50' Cent as a person but he'd probably make the best Power Man. The fact that Moritz wants Foxx leads me to believe he doesn't even read the comics and...
  6. TheManWithoutFear

    Secret War (miniseries discussion/spoilers)

    I'm getting what's out so far on my next comic run. I noticed it today and asked my shop owner and I'm insanely intrigued by this. Does anyone else read it and how do they feel about it?