Marvel's The Defenders (News/Discussion)

First set photo with Jessica Jones and Misty Knight:

I have a theory about Sigourny Weaver's character in Defenders. I think she is connected to IGH, the company that accidentally gave Jessica Jones powers and was behind Nuke. I'm also guessing they were behind the experiment that gave Luke Cage powers and maybe the accident that blinded Matt Murdock.

Also, I read online that IGH may be the MCU version of MGH. Instead of Mutant Growth Hormone, Inhuman Growth Hormone.
Hmm, no mentioned the little teaser... There's a little teaser video of the Defenders in a elevator. And there are some "Easter Eggs" let's see if you guys can figure them out...
Seriously... No one is going to try and figure out the Easter Eggs are in this...

Seriously... No one is going to try and figure out the Easter Eggs are in this...


I know that the camera number takes you to a website.
Yes, it takes you to the New York Bulletin web site. The the timer on the other side (at the end) is the release date. And the title of the video says it's the security footage from the building that has the big hole we saw in DD season 2. Plus the elevator is going down which suggests that's where they're heading.
I'm two episodes in. It gets off to a slow start, but it builds. I want to keep watching, but I need to go to bed.

I still find Iron Fist frustrating.
First six episodes down. It's pretty good. Not amazing. It very much feels like they didn't know where this hand stuff was going as they made DD and Iron Fist. Or maybe they did, and it's just not a great motivation. I guess the stuff with
the hole under the building
has been built up since DD season 1.

The end of episode 6 was pretty great. I also loved the end of episode 4 where
Stick leads the four of them into the sewer to get away from the Hand
. Definitely a nod to TMNT ripping off DD.
I have one episode left.
Danny is such an idiot. But hey, there was definitely
the skeleton of a dragon
in that last shot!

Also, what in the world is going on with Gao? I thought she just had a really powerful palm thrust. When did it turn into a force push? I'm expecting her to shoot force lightning and pull out a red lightsaber.
How the heck
did he make it out of there? Oh well, Yay, Born Again!

So, overall, Defenders was decently fun but a disappointing conclusion to the hand arc. They seem to struggle to do mystical elements well without making them hokey.
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