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  1. E

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man: Remember Ben Reilly?

    Via Marvel: HELLZ YES.
  2. Wash


    Just read an article on CBR about this series. [] Sounds kind of interesting. Title is pretty stupid though. I kinda wanna read it but I'm having reservations. Anyone have any thoughts? I can't recall having read anything by Marc...
  3. Ice

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (Discussion/Spoilers)

    No, it's not out just yet, but here's an article with Newsarama and writer Marc Guggenheim. Marc Guggenheim - Amazing Annual: Jackpot Revealed? The annual will be on sale on 10/29/08.
  4. Ice

    Young X-Men (Discussion/Spoilers)

    So the series starts out with Donald Pierce fighting the new set of X-Men. After someone dies, turns out it's a dream- a dream by Blindfold. The precog created by Whedon from Astonishing X-Men (first appeared in the 'Hellfire' arc). So it's not really just a dream, but a vision of the future...
  5. Gemini

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man: Brand New Day (#546-567) (Spoilers)

  6. ultimatedjf

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man general series discussion (spoilers)

    I've changed my mind on this arc, I'm starting to really like it!! Here's the link: I'm pretty sure we can't post spoilers in this thread. :D