Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (Discussion/Spoilers)


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Jul 24, 2004
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No, it's not out just yet, but here's an article with Newsarama and writer Marc Guggenheim.

Marc Guggenheim - Amazing Annual: Jackpot Revealed?


The annual will be on sale on 10/29/08.
Hasn't there been Amazing Spider-Man Annuals before?
Hasn't there been Amazing Spider-Man Annuals before?
Yeap. Marvel just likes going back to "#1" A. LOT. I'm sure it's done because if people see a "#1", they'll pick it up and go from there. A way to hook people in, in other words.

I don't see why an annual shouldn't be in the regular thread,
Because it's not part of the actual series. It's not #575, for e.g.

and if so why didn't that "Spider-Man: Brand New Day - Extra!!" get it's own thread?
Because that was before any splitting was done in the first place.

No they want us to think it's Sarah Ehret.
That's a tease. They just want people to keep guessing, and with mostly guessing MJ.


$15 bazillion Monopoly money that Sarah is an MJ clone!! :shock:
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What are her powers anyway? Agility and Disco powers? She's stealing Dazzler's gimmick :p
Although I do like BND for the most part, I don't care much for McKone and I have a feeling the jackpot reveal is going to be anticlimactic.
I wish McKone would go back to drawing things I want to read.