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  1. Ice

    S.H.I.E.L.D. series (Mark Waid) Discussion/Spoilers.

    Announcement! Mark Waid is writing "S.H.I.E.L.D.," joined by a rotating team of artists including Carlos Pacheco, Alan Davis and Chris Sprouse (cover art above). "This is S.H.I.E.L.D. the TV show, the unlimited budget edition," Waid said. "This is our chance to introduce a lot of the other...
  2. Captain Canuck

    Daredevil by Mark Waid (2014) (spoilers)

    Do we want a new thread for the new volume of DD? I was going to start on but then I noticed that this thread goes back to 2005 and Bendis' run on the book. Anyway, I read the first issue of the new volume. I like how they've focused on how different San Fran is from New York. DD isn't as...
  3. Ice

    Spider-Man Spider-Man Graphic Novel to introduce Peter Parker's 'sister'.

    SPIDER-MAN Gets a Sister in 2014 Waid-Robinson Graphic Novel Spider-Man is 'apparently' getting a sister. Yes, you read that right. Marvel’s next original graphic novel in May, 2014 will introduce Peter Parker’s 'apparent' sibling in Family Business, co-written by Mark Waid and James...
  4. E

    Indestructible Hulk by Waid & Yu (spoilers)

    I'm crying tears of joy, here. A while back I posted a short piece here titled Marvel needs to reboot and fix The Hulk. I feel like someone read that and took it to heart. This is EXACTLY how Bruce Banner and Hulk should be handled. They haven't gotten Hulk right in YEARS and they finally did...
  5. Ice

    The Omega Effect

    " upcoming crossover between "Avenging Spider-Man," "Punisher" and "Daredevil" in April called "The Omega Effect.""
  6. E

    Daredevil by Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera (spoilers)

    Not sure how I feel about this. It wasn't glaringly bad, so that's something. Actually the story itself was pretty decent. I guess any problems I have with it are more conceptual and I need to give it a chance to prove itself. I didn't care much about Daredevil until toward the end of...
  7. Captain Canuck

    Spider-Man Origin of the Species (Amazing Spider-Man #642-646)

    Issue #642 came out today (along with #643, OMIT Part 4, which you can discuss in the One Moment In Time Thread It's interesting so far. MJ is fulfilling her new role as Peter's . Paul Azaceta's art is pretty bad though. And the Peter out of work and having problems with his room mate angle...
  8. Gemini

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man: Brand New Day (#546-567) (Spoilers)

  9. darkspider

    Superman: Birthright

    Has anyone read this? I mentioned it in the Social Thread, but due to prompting from Baxter, made a thread of its own. Mark Waid wrote it, and Leinil Yu did pencils. I liked the art; there were only a few spots that seemed off, but those were miniscule compared to the rest. The whole...
  10. Ice

    Kingdom Come (Spoilers)

    I don't find a thread for this, so if there is one, just let me know. Anyways, I'm reading my friends TPB of this, and so far I'm on chapter two. And all I have to say is: This is f***ing AMAZING! The story is just really, really good. It's great that I can just pick this up and...